Welcome to Diabetic Recreational Athletes


Diabetes Recreational Athletics is a space on the internet where diabetics who want to participate in recreational sports can hang out and share ideas.  Even if you are new to sports, you are welcome here.

Established on April 17, 2014.  I'm going to need about $30 a month to keep the website and running.

Donations are always welcome:

I will be offering advertising to any companies who wish to donate.  My vision is to use Microsoft's Azure service and make this site completely Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone compatible. Apple and Android should work too, and if anyone wanted to make that happen, would love the help.

As for user support: please use the product links within the site if you wan't to purchase an item, a small portion of your purchase (like 1%) will help pay for the site.  Also, please support the advertisers.


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